CRM Features

Our Online CRM is more than just a traditional CRM. It uses the internet becomes a platform where your customers, team mates and service providers come together and colloborate to create value for your organization. It will help to give your brand a big boost and also make your parters' lives easier and simpler.

Customer Logins
Take your organization to the next level by providing services and information specialized for your customers online. Get inquiries, Support Queries xyz

Vendor Logins
Get online quotes / bids for your requirements and issues Purchase Orders online. Give full visibility to your vendors and help them keep their costs down.

Advanced Analysis
Get detailed MIS about your sales and expenses. Our unique MIS module will help you to analyze the performance of company in the way you want it.

Simplicity of Use
Most ERP packages are complicated and feared by users. We have tried our best and kept it as our goals to make the software easy to use. You will see it in our demos.

Roles based Permissions
All users are assigned roles that have limited access so that you can decide who can see what.

Field-level permission control
Even within records, you can customize who should read / edit what fields.

Social Media
Collaboration features such as chatting, commenting on records, maintaining personal profiles, birthdays etc to make your ERP fun to use.

Customized Workflows
Decide who should approve what document and upto what amounts.

Report Builder
You can build a report on any data in the system and select filters and columns.

User Management
Friendly interface to add/enable/diable users and set permissions.

Shared Calendars
Share your appointment schedule with everyone and also get important follow-ups notified in your calendar.

Backup on demand
Take a SQL dump of your system when you want (restricted to Administrators).

Online helpdesk so that users can ask questions and raise issues online.